Courtyard Cosmos pt. 2

Peter and Mathis
Center: 1/5

These pieces make up the second part of my graduation project Courtyard Cosmos; A research project that investigates how public furniture shape the succes or failure of our shared public spaces.

Fragments of a Picnic Table is dynamic furniture that invites residents to reimagine and reinvent every inch of cooutdoor space. Centre stage is the humblest of props: the wooden picnic table. Heavy and static, it’s sliced up into individual sections for a lightness and versatility that allows people to use it as they please. Standing solo, separate fragments can be relocated for reading in the shade. Paired with a sibling they can host a board game. Six pieces come together for a shared meal. ‘Fragments of a Picnic Table’ offers a simple placemaking solution for an increasingly predetermined use of urban environments.