Airy Helmet

Peter and Mathis
Center: 1/5

With the aim to develop a helmet for commuters that can dramatically reduce in size when not in use, this project investigates the potential of an inflatable protective helmet.

In collaboration with an engineer, the advantages and challenges of the inflated format has been assessed and addressed from both an usability- and performance point-of-view.

Made from TPU coated ripstop nylon, the helmet’s shell is secured to the head via a size adjustable retention system. Inflation- and deflation happens through a valve that allows for one-way airflow during inflation.

The helmet has been thought from a mono-material principle and does, apart from the silicone tube and bite piece, live up to it. Moreover, all parts apart from the shell and tube connector are completely interchangeable and replaceable.

Technical textiles has been generously sponsored by Rivertex, Technical advice and welding machinery provided by LEISTER Technologies.